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Giving back in the un-imaginable

This past March my daughter and I were humbled in ways I could never imagine. We decided in December to join a mission team from her school for 11 days in Africa, Uganda and Kenya specifically. Repairing/installing wells and teaching teen girls about self defense and sustainable hygiene products during their periods were the main mission. Helping girls to stay in school during their periods for the typical missed 84 days is a critical component to their success.

It was amazing. It was sad. And it was definitely sobering. To see some of the sweetest, joy filled people I have ever met, struggle every single day just to eat and have clean water is something we will never forget. We have heard it said, “there are starving kids in Africa” is not only true, but there are adults and elderly people literally getting one meal a day.

If you ever have a tugging in your heart to do something financial, it only takes $500 a well for them to be repaired. Checks can be made out to Run 4 Water at Friendship Christian School.